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Trending Om Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men And Women

Best Om Tattoo Designs

Every religion has its own symbols to represent worship to their God and Goddess. Om is the symbol of Lord Shiva OM tattoo is very famous all over the world. Om symbol represents its own meaning it shows – I exist, I know, I am Blissful. Om also express the source of life. Om is used by Hinduism and Buddhism, and Om chanting is widely used in meditation and yoga. Om is a unique word which helps to calm the mind. Most of us feel a deep connection with this symbol and then decided to choose Om tattoo on our body parts, which will be the reminder of our inner peace and harmony.

Om symbol leads from darkness to the light, unreality to reality. Om symbol is very popular in tattoo art. Om tattoo designs look beautiful when it is done. Om tattoos can be combined with many other tattoo designs which give a better finish to tattoo. Om tattoo can be done with lord Ganesha, Trishul, lotus and many other designs.

Om tattoos can be done any part of the body, but as it is related with Lord Shiva we should not put this design on our feet. Om tattoo designs are widely available in every size, and color. Mainly Om tattoos can be found with Trishul, Ganesha, elephant, snake, and some traditional prayer and quotes.

1. English and Sanskrit combine Om Tattoo

2. Abstract Om with Ganesha, Shri Tattoo on wrist.

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