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Tattoo Price In Delhi | Tattoo Price In India.

We charge as per square inch. For first square inch we charge RS 1400/- and for additional square inch RS 700/- per square inch.​

Description                                                    Price

First Square Inch (Black/Colored)                     Rs.1400/-

After First Square Inch                                     Rs.700/each

Mole Tattoo/Beauty Spot Tattoo                        Rs.900/-

Piercing Price List

  • Kids Both Earlobe Piercing - 900Rs

  • Both Earlobe Piercing - 800Rs

  • Both Upperlobe Piercing - 900Rs

  • Conch Piercing - 700Rs

  • Industrial Piercing - 1500Rs

  • Helix Piercing - 600Rs

  • Lip Piercing - 700Rs

  • Nose Piercing - 600Rs

  • Navel Piercing - 1500Rs

  • Eyebrow Piercing - 600Rs

  • Septum Piercing - 1500Rs

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